celerco.com provides importers, exporters, freight forwarders and shipping lines with an auction platform that facilitates the exchange of the best ocean, air and roadfreight solutions within the parameters set and agreed by the customers(price, transit time, deadline for submitting offers, transport routes).
For transport providers, importers and exporters celerco.com is an effectiveness instrument; by using the platform they can focus on the real productive aspects of their businesses, increasing profit and saving time by negotiating transport solutions in one place. celerco.com works simultaneously as a procurement agent of air and ocean transports for importers and exporters and as a sales agent for freight forwarders and shipping lines.

celerco.com focuses only on transactions of transport services, without involving in the operational part of the transport; through our system, users can have a transactions history and can better assess and audit the financial performances of a specific transport.

Benefits for all users:

■ Neutrality, the principle of platform neutrality being very simple: if there are no transport providers on the platform we cannot provide value to our importers and exporters; if there are no importers and exporters on the platform we cannot bring value to our transport providers. The platform is financed exclusively from the services it brings to the market. Importers, exporters, freight forwarders and shipping lines are not stakeholders in celerco.com.
■ Increasing sales through a better market access.
■ Relevant market information, on a specialized platform, for freight forwarders and shipping lines which can position themselves better on the market; the information about the current and future transport services are also more effectively advertised. 
■ Fast and easy solutions at a low and fair price, resulted from transport auctions; of the transport contracts; the platform helps taking the best decision in terms of price and transport conditions.

■ Quick reply and access to quality information 24 x 7 x 365.
■ Access to an important number of relevant transport providers for the importers and exporters(one stop one ship), that turns into a multitude of opportunities and transport solutions(customer builds the transport).
■ The platform is eco-friendly, saving paper, electricity and fuel.