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What is celerco?
Companies that import or export goods by ocean(FCL and LCL), air or by road and look after the most suitable transport solutions, launch auctions on celerco.com. Selected transport providers that are interested in bidding will submit their offers on the platform. 
What is the difference between celerco and the traditional way of procuring competitive ocean and airfreight offers and services?
Neutrality, simplicity, time savings, relevant feedback, efficiency in increasing sales for Logistics Providers, cost cuts for the Customers. 

What are the advantages of celerco?
For all users, the advantages are the simplicity, neutrality, increased sales, profitability, relevant market information, time savings, non-stop availability. 

What about disadvantages?
As a Logistics Provider, as well as an importer or exporter, in case you do not have an internal procedure to follow when transacting with a new company, mainly the detailed checking of that company, then the commercial risks increase. 

How can I register my company on celerco?
By simply creating an account, choosing the right type of user(Customer, Logistics Provider). 

Why is it necessary to have my account approved?
In order to create a business conducive, safe and high-performance environment for transport transactions.

Are there any limitations regarding the number of tenders that I can launch, as an importer or exporter?
There are no such limitations.
As a Logistics Provider, do I have to participate in every auction?

Yes. If, for objective reasons, you cannot participate or you are not able to submit a competitive offer, then you must inform the customer via Chat.
Do I have to accept the orders that I receive? 
No. As a transporter, you accept the orders for which you have competed in the auction. However, it is your obligation to analyze all the details of the RFQ before submitting your bid. Refusing a transport order can damage the image of a Logistics Provider.

Why should I provide company information in the user account? 
As a Logistics Provider, for visibility, transparency, efficiency in the community of importers and exporters of goods. As an importer or exporter, for better communicating the image and the values of your company, this way the transport offers and services can be perfectly adapted to the requests.   
What happens if the platform doesn't work? 
If users notice that the platform does not work for more than 1 hour for technical reasons for which celerco is responsible, making it impossible for Customers and Logistics Providers to launch or participate in auctions, their subscription will be refunded.

How is the neutrality of the platform and the confidentiality of the information transmitted guaranteed?

By its very mode of operation, because the platform is irrelevant if it is not neutral and does not ensure the confidentiality of information transmitted between its members. We recommend that you access the "Neutrality & confidentiality" section to learn more about these aspects.
We welcome your questions and suggestions in the dedicated "Improve" section. If they will be useful for the other users, we will place them in the "FAQ" section.