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Neutrality and confidentiality

Povestea companiei

Confidentiality and Neutrality Statement

celerco.com has created this statement with the purpose to demonstrate the ferm commitment regarding the confidentiality and neutrality of the operations carried on the platform. The company that operates www.celerco.com is not a transport company(shipping line or freight forwarder), an agent of a transport company, an importer or exporter, that are subjects to auctions on the website. The platform is financed exclusively from the services provided, it does not benefit from other sources, either from transport companies or from clients(importers and exporters). The following points illustrate the practices for collecting and disseminating information on www.celerco.com. 

celerco collects the first names, last names, telephone numbers of the persons within the companies that create their accounts on the platform. Gathered information are used to promote and improve our services, to improve and upgrade the content of the website and to contact the clients and transport providers to find about possible updates of their product and services, technical improvements or for other marketing purposes.

Users have full access to their data, to modify or delete information, to restrict and oppose their data being processed. If you have questions or need guidance, please contact us by e-mail at contact@celerco.com or by phone at + 40 722 883 883.

IP Addresses and Cookies 

celerco uses the IP addresses in order to diagnose the technical problems and to administrate the platform. The website uses “cookies” in order to recognize the frequent users of the platform and for a better administration of the website performance.

Data collection 

During auction process, celerco requests transport details from the client, in order to have a functional transport procurement. These details include pick-up and destination addresses, commodity description, transport date, targets set by the client(price, transit time). celerco.com uses this data for launching the transport auction and to send the confirmation(order) to selected logistics provider. All these information are needed for a fair and seamless auction process. 

Sharing information and access 

Transport providers and customers register as new users by supplying the following account details: company name, username(company name and username are verified regularly and they synchronize constantly, therefore a relation between them is recommended), company address, e-mail. celerco uses all these information to create new accounts. Transporters and customers can access only the account and information related to transports, only for and by users from their companies registered on the platform. Transport providers and customers do not have direct access to databases of celerco.

Sending and receiving information for each transport, to and from the logistics providers selected by the client is done online. celerco does not disclose information in other purposes than those related to smooth running of transport auctions. 

Logistics providers and customers can request signing of confidentiality contracts that will include the obligations of the parties involved and compensations that celerco will pay if confidential information about past or underway auctions on the platform are disclosed. celerco is not responsible for the information which parties involved share about auctions carried on the platform.

Advertising and pop-ups

celerco does not sell advertising on the platform. In case you see ads or pop-ups on our website, they are not displayed by celerco and they are not supported or encouraged by celerco.


This website has security measures implemented to protect against the loss, misuse and unwanted modifications of the information handled. celerco uses a firewall to verify the access to the platform. Members access is allowed only by providing the username and the password.

Marketing communications 

The platform gives users the possibility to choose not to receive information for marketing purposes from us or from our partners. The users can request that their accounts to be deleted from the platform database and can refuse the future updates send to them by calling at: + 40 722 883 883 or by sending an e-mail to contact@celerco.com.

Questions? For more information, please contact us by:

Telephone: + 40 722 883 883 (24 / 7)

E-mail:        contact@celerco.com 

Providing your valuable input: in the „Improve” section of the platform

By Post: celerco,  P18 Street no. 31, 905700 Navodari, Romania