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Terms and conditions

Povestea companiei
Companies registered on the platform(Clients - Importers and Exporters, Logistics Providers) agree to these Terms and conditions, which their agents or employees can not change. Terms and conditions apply to all transactions conducted on celerco. Company reserves the right to refuse the requests involving shipments of weapons and ammunition that do not involve specialized state institutions(like Ministry/Department of Defence), radioactive materials, drugs, obscene materials, live animals.

celerco Srl, the company that operates the platform, is not a transport provider, an agent of a transport provider, importer or exporter. celerco Srl reserves the right to select its Clients(Importers, Exporters) and Logistics Providers that create accounts on celerco, in order to ensure a favorable environment for transport auctions.

The use of celerco requires the compliance with the following set of terms and conditons:

1. Services provided

celerco offers an auction-based online platform for standardized air, ocean and road transport of goods.
2. The users

2.1. Importers, Exporters and Logistics Providers, as legal entities, can register as users.

2.2. Invoicing of services provided by celerco can be based, if the user wants, on a contract between celerco Srl, the company that owns and operates www.celerco.com and the user - Customer or Logistics Provider.
2.3. To take full advantage of the facilities offered by the platform, we recommend using the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari browsers, or other similar programs that you use. 

3. Contractual obligations and relationships 

3.1. celerco is not imposed in contractual relations between the users. Thereby, celerco.com does not guarantee the orderly performance of contracts between users. Implementation of a particular negotiated contract depends exclusively on the users who are part of that business arrangement. celerco.com will not be involved in arbitration of legal disputes between users.
3.2. By launching auctions, the Customer confirms that goods are seaworthy/airworthy packed. By receiving auctions invitations, the Logistics Providers have the confirmation that goods are seaworthy/airworthy packed. 

3.3. By using the platform, the Client agrees that his name and contact details will be visible to all Logistics Providers who have been invited to quote, after the auction has ended and a winner was designated. The Customer reserves the right to accept or not to be contacted by the losing Logistics Providers after the auction has ended.
3.4. When shipping dangerous goods, the Customer must provide to Logistics Providers all the details and codes corresponding to the cargo that is the subject of import or export.
3.5. Customers are responsible so that the goods mentioned in the auction or in the transport documents match the goods loaded in containers, packages etc. celerco Srl through celerco is not responsible in cases of discrepancies in these situations.
3.6. Carriers agree to provide in the auction process the all-in transport price in the currency requested by the customer in the RFQ. Optional, they can attach the detailed transport offer corresponding to all-in bid submitted in one of the formats allowed by the platform.
3.7. By creating an account on celerco.com, Logistics Providers agree to bid their most competitive transport tariffs and conditions in order to win transport orders from the customers that invite them in the auctions.
3.8. The offers are binding after being accepted by the Customers. By creating an account on celerco, Customers - Importers and Exporters of goods agree to confirm the selected transport offer by clicking the "Accept" button.
3.9. celerco agrees to strictly monitor and ensure that transport auctions will be launched exclusively by importers or exporters and not by other Logistics Providers or their associated companies.
3.10. The Logistics Providers are required to have all the licenses and authorizations necessary to carry out the transport services in the best conditions, applicable in each country in which they operate. celerco is not responsible for their absence and for the consequences it may have during transports. 

4. Conclusion of contracts between users (transport providers and customers) 

4.1. The carrier and the importer or exporter cannot be one and the same entity and they cannot operate in both capacities. This rule also applies when several persons from one company trade on celerco. 

4.2. Transport auctions are between the Logistics Providers and Customers - Importers and Exporters, respectively between the Logistics Providers.
4.3. If carrier and importer or exporter are members of the same group of companies, the carrier is not allowed to participate in auctions launched by the respective importer or exporter.
4.4. To enable progress of the auction in the best conditions, the user agrees to follow the auction on the platform and its e-mail(where alerts and notifications are received).

5. Service modification 

celerco.com is entitled to make changes so that services be performed according to the contract, if changes are made in good faith and reasonable for the user, and if attention was paid to the interests of both parties. celerco.com will notify users about substantial changes in services offered.

6. Prohibited objects, legal interdictions 

No illegal activity can be performed when using the platform, in order to carry out businesses and any goods or services that violate the law cannot be traded, in particular: 
- any materials that promote discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation etc.;
- any materials that encourage and glorify violence;
- military equipments, weapons and parts thereof, ammunition, etc. that are not imported or exported by specialized state institutions(like Ministry/Departament of Defence); these goods must have all the licenses and approvals necessary for transport;
- any products and services prohibited by law.

7. Communication

7.1. Communication is done through the facilities offered by the platform, e-mail and teleconference systems that will be introduced. celerco.com time is defined as the oficial time when transactions take place.

7.2. If celerco.com issues a verbal communication, then celerco.com is obligated to confirm the content of this communication in writing and on platform, by e-mail, fax or in a letter at the request of its users.

7.3. Users and celerco.com will reply immediately to messages, unless an immediate response is not required.

8. Access security 

8.1. When it registers, the user chooses a user name and password that give access to the platform. If more persons in a member company want to be active users on the platform, each of those persons must register as a secondary user and choose an individual username and password.

8.2. Users can change the username and password by accessing the section "Edit Account Information", from their customer or transporter account. A forgotten password can be changed from customer or transporter account, or by accessing the "Recover password" tool.

8.3. The user is obligated to keep the username and password secret. The user is responsible for any misuse of its username and password.  

8.4. celerco.com is entitled, for security reasons, to change your username or password, or to block an account. The user will be informed immediately about any possible change.

9. Obligations of users on cooperation and information

9.1. The user agrees to provide fully and honestly all information requested by celerco at the time of registration.

9.2. The user will apply normal precautions when doing business on celerco.com. Especially, the user must take care that the platform functionality will not be hampered or delayed. User will apply rational security measures, with the current technologies for Internet access, so that the functionality of the platform will not be compromised. These security measures must ensure that any data corruption caused by viruses or similar phenomena, that result in the unwanted change, removal or deletion of information is prevented. User will inform celerco about any changes or problems that occur when using the account or from the platform, when they can weaken the efficiency or security of the platform. The user is required to immediately inform about any turbulences or threats to celerco.com functioning, and to report when such situations ceases. 

9.3. The user agrees to immediately inform about any turbulences or threats to celerco functioning and to report when such situations ceases.

9.4. The user agrees to inform celerco if an unauthorized third party has obtained a password or is likely to get it. This also applies when a person who previously had access to an account, has lost it recently.

9.5. The user agrees to cooperate when the platform is attacked by a third party, to the extent which the user is capable of such cooperation.

9.6. The user agrees to notify immediately about any modifications of the information asked in the registration phase(changes of address, tax identification code, etc.).

9.7. The user cannot communicate on the platform information that can harm the rights of other users.

9.8. It is expected from a user to implement data security measures suitable to applications it uses.

10. Exclusion from the platform

celerco is entitled, at any time and with immediate effect, to block user's access to platform, especially in case of severe violations of a contract. This action requires the removal from its Internet pages of information related to parties excluded. celerco.com will take into account, as much as possible, the ongoing transactions.

11. Copyright, Licensing, Links 

11.1. Webpages of celerco, including design and content, and in particular the illustrations, logos, symbols, samples, software, texts, etc.cannot be reproduced, copied, distributed, processed or rendered publicly without authorization. This also applies to software documentation and to all literature which refers to celerco services such as user's manuals, etc. Usage rights for the platform's software are the exclusive property of celerco. Programs cannot not be copied or distributed by the users. 

11.2. Links to webpages of celerco are allowed. Links that offer a negative image about celerco are not allowed, especially those from or to pages whose content is illegal or offensive. 

11.3. celerco is not responsible for the content of third party websites, even if celerco refers to them.  

12. Guarantees 

12.1. celerco is not responsible for cases in which the intentions stated by the user regarding celerco or other users cannot be stored, transmitted or processed due technical reasons.

12.2. If users notice that the platform does not work for more than 1 hour for technical reasons for which celerco is responsible, making it impossible for Customers and Logistics Providers to launch or participate in auctions, their subscription will be refunded.
12.3. Platform users, importers, exporters and transporters are checked thoroughly before being given access to the platform, but celerco does not guarantee the veracity of  identity or existence of users. 

12.4. celerco does not guarantee the execution of contracts concluded by the users of the platform. Furthermore, celerco does not guarantee that the goods and services that are subject to transactions between users will be flawless. 

13. Limits of liability 

13.1. Despite serious testing and security control is not possible to develop software(computer programs, etc.) and hardware (computers, data processing units and accessories, etc.), where errors can be excluded entirely. Also, the availability of the Internet environment cannot be always guaranteed. celerco.com is not therefore responsible in the event that its pages are not available to its users without interruption. In particular, our responsibility is excluded in case technical problems prevent the data introduced by users to be accessible or to be processed properly and correctly. 

13.2. celerco.com is responsible for the data and/or programs loss only to the limit of its efforts to restore lost information, providing that user will implement regularly and adequately data security measures, thus providing the possibility of information recovery. 

13.3. The above rules apply also to employees and subcontractors.

14. Prohibition of services, complaints and objections 

14.1. The user has no right to prohibit services of the platform. 

14.2. Complaints and objections on transport contracts intermediated cannot be put by the users in charge of celerco. 

15. Data protection and security, information assessment 

15.1. The user must realize that data transmission over the Internet implies the risk that third parties could capture and evaluate data. 

15.2. User data can be transmitted by celerco to strategic partners. Confidential user information and internal company data are not transmitted.

15.3. Backups of data on servers of celerco.com are carried out regularly.

16. Court jurisdiction 

In the event of a dispute about the contract to use the platform, the parties will try to settle it amicably. If this is not possible, disputes arising in connection with these contracts between celerco Srl and its users shall be settled by the competent courts.

17. Modification of terms and conditions

17.1. celerco reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions with a prior notice of 30 days, users having the right to continue or to quit using the platform. 

17.2. celerco will notify users by e-mail, letter or fax about modifications of terms and conditions within a reasonable period of time before they take effect.  

18. Written form 

Modifications to a contract will be made in writing. Modifications of the terms and conditions will also be made in writing. E-mails are admitted when modifications are required. 

19. Legal force 

Laws of the countries where the platform operates will govern. 

20. Disclaimer clause

If certain specific terms of these business principles are without effect, force of the remaining clauses is not affected. Clauses without effect within a contract shall be solved by the contracting parties in a way that meets, as much as possible, the purpose of these clauses. Any lack or flaw in a contract will be settled in good faith by the contracting parties.